Maple Butter

Maple butter is quite possibly my version of crack. It is highly addictive and highly delicious. My Great Aunt Irene makes the stuff each year for us at Christmas and I was also lucky enough to snag a jar from her more recent visit about a month ago.

As a super simple gift to others or truly for yourself, maple butter is easy to make. The only issue is that it’s costly, because it’s only two ingredients – butter and real maple syrup – are themselves quite expesnive. If you want to up the paleo ante, or the healthy ante in general, go for organic maple syrup and grass-fed butter, which will have a higher amount of CLA in it – this helps you burn body fat.

No matter which way you cut it this is still just sugar and fat so don’t go overboard. I know it’s hard not to! One of our fave ways to eat it on Christmas morning is spreading it over bread or a baguette and toasting it in the toaster oven for a minute or two, until the maple butter becomes ONE with the bread and exudes its awesomeness!

Make Maple Butter taken from here:

1/2C softened butter
1/4 C maple syrup
Mix with an electric mixer until blended. My Aunt Irene’s version is done over the stove top, melting the butter and then adding the maple syrup. Both will work!

Event City

This is a taste of what I’ve been getting into the past few weeks:

Where Do I Go From Here? NMSA Alumni Event

This was the first time I came to CCNM that week – on a Wednesday night for a 1.5 hour presentation with several NDs including research intern Chris Habib, Carol Morley, Daniel Lander, and Kavita Sharma. Afterwards was a delightful wine and cheese (iced tea for me) where we could mingle with the Alumni, of whom I got to speak with Carol Morley of Mississauga’s Zawada health clinic in the Square One area. I initially didn’t want to go but was glad that I did. All of these doctors offered unique viewpoints that I appreciated hearing. I have to say, though, that I was overall disappointed with the lack of a very strong business sense. Carol Morley showed a great example, but I know from her talk that she set out and did it all on her own. Respectable, however we now have the HEROs/HBBH series across North America – taught by a businness coach AND an ND, which helps to prepare us before graduation. The one message I kept hearing from this event was to focus on being a student during school, and only worry about the business after you graduate. This is quite possibly the worst piece of advice I’d ever follow or recommend. Please, don’t do it. If you talk the HEROs series, you will – you NEED – to be making $100K in your first year and $300K by your 3rd. You’ll be hard-pressed to find many NDs that make this much, because hardly any of them have business training. With a business background, you have no choice but to make this much. Or Andy will kill you. (Most NDs are making 30-50K even 5-years into practice. Mark my words I will be making $500,000 by my fifth year by myself alone and my clinic will be generating $1 Million thereafter from the other practitioners. If you want financial success, PLAN FOR IT! Don’t just dream it or think it, TAKE THE STEPS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!)

The Body Monologues

As part of women’s health week at CCNM, the event The Body Monologues was put on again this year in which women discussed their experience of their bodies. The overwhelming theme that kept surfacing was a self-hate towards the body that would be, fortunately, eventually overcome. It makes me wonder if this is a North American theme or does it apply world wide? Do you think our paleolithic ancestors hated their bodies? It’s sad what our relationship with our body has come to, but yet important to highlight body image issues as we all have them.

Reiki Level 1

I am now a Level-1 Reiki practitioner thanks to the Energy Medicine Club at school and my friend Jorge who taught us all. I’m interested to learn more, try it more, and get a little deeper. If nothing else, simply lying on a table for 20 minutes is immensely relaxing. I want to get deeper into the energetics of it, but I’m not sure how this will stream into the future patients I work with. Some things I do for my future patients; some things I do for me.

Administration/Accounting Weekend

My second time taking this course from the HEROs/HBBH series with Andy and this time my Mom. I found it made a lot more sense the second time around and I was actually getting excited about running my own business from the number-crunching perspective. Excited!! Numbers nerd, that is me. I will wear many hats: doctor, clinic director, number cruncher, you name it. I want it ALL baby.

Body Lovin’ on a Sunday

My mom and I skipped the second day of the weekend course (frankly, I was fried anyways) and went to Body Blitz for a good soak followed by Fresh. I then spent a few hours perusing Queen West before heading home to work on a terribly long Physical Clinical Diagnosis assignment and rip my hair out!

Sexuality and Spirituality Seminar

This event was put on by Erin Bentley who holds a Masters and future PhD in sociology. The topic of the talk was, can we be both spiritual and sexual? The message came down to this: sexuality is a part of being human, and if we – especially health care practitioners – want to sit here and claim we’re ‘wholistic’ then sexuality undoubtedly has to be taken into consideration with that, and that because it is part of our wholeness it does indeed feed into our spirituality. This tiny paragraph can barely do it justice so if the topic piques your curiosity I highly recommend getting out to see this talk in the future. It spurred some interesting discussion and went entirely against the Vipassana principle to avoid sex (while on the retreat, at least). It feels more in line with my own thoughts, though. Repression of sexuality in pursuit of spirituality just doesn’t make sense to me or for me.

Breast Exam

We’re finally finishing up our physical exams class, and we got to do the breast exam on standardized patients. Let me tell you how much more thorough this version is than the wham-bam-thank-you-m’am approach of my MD. I don’t know how on earth she’d ever pick up a lump in the 10 second exams she gives me. See an ND!! Self exams catch lumps at 1cm, exams by your doctor catch them at 2cm if you see them every 6 – 12 months. If you do neither, a mammogram might be the one to catch it and how big will it be then? 3cm? More? I’d rather not risk it.

Gynecological Exam

While we don’t get to do the full gyne exam this year (I’ve already performed one as part of my gyne model training, though) we did do the run-through, and it’s quite the language-sensitive exam. There’s a lot more going on and a lot more to do with this 3-part exam, versus the upcoming male genitalia and digitial rectal exam we do over the next few weeks.

The Paper Monster

Yet another HEROs/HBBH module with Andy and my mum, this course really teaches you how to organize all of your files and paperwork in your clinic so that your audit trail is right on. If you do get audited, it should only take one hour, because you will be so darned organized (and legal in how you do your taxes! – Take the Admin/Accounting weekend) that you’ll be set. Don’t mess around folks, it isn’t worth it. If you take no other course take the Admin/Accounting and Paper Monster course. Anybody who is a doctor needs this course, whether you work alone or as an associate. You will NOT be someone’s employee unless you work for a nutraceutical company. Even as an associate you need to do your own taxes. Word.

Paleo Stock-Up

Read about my epic grocery trip here. $200 later (that’s 4 weeks of normal grocery money) I am prepared for paleo. Booyah!

Dinner with Dom

My friend Dom, he’s quite the dude. I call him the modern-day renaissance man because he somehow does it all and he’s also a crazy jet-setter, who found himself in the GTA for a day and texting me to see if I was game for dinner. Heck yes I was – and we headed to Live Organic Foodbar where I ate so much raw deliciousness.