5 Beneficial Home Workout Devices

The convenience of working out at home can have many benefits. You can save time and money by utilizing devices within your home to get a great workout. For some, the convenience and versatility of at-home workouts offset any extra costs involved. Avoiding traffic, inclement weather, and the added privacy of your own home can encourage at-home fitness building. See below to begin brainstorming your next fitness project, within walking distance of your next room.

Here are 5 products that can help with your in-home fitness goals:

Treadmills:Your basic standing aerobic machine. Get a high-quality cardio workout without stepping foot outside.
Consider the NordicTrack C1650:This treadmill provides a technologically advanced workout, for a price of $1184. This folding machine maximizes in-home space, while providing a high-intensity, low-impact workout. Stream your favorite shows with the built-in tablet holder, and listen with 2-inch speakers. Personalize your program with built-in workout apps, touchscreen display, and lifetime motor warranty.

Rowing Machine:Train your strength and endurance with an indoor rowing machine. Simulating outdoor rowing exercises, this machine will test your cardiovascular, upper body, and lower body strength in one motion. Consider one in your home for a full-body workout.
Sole Fitness SR500 Rowing Machine: see rowing machine doctor

Sixteen level resistance settings. LCD display, fold-away design, and a quiet integrated resistance motion. Wireless adjustment settings. Feel like you are in the middle of an extreme sport in the setting of your own home.
Dumb Bells:
The versatility of free weights can add variety to your workout routine. With free range of motion, you can target different muscle groups for a personalized approach.
Consider this economical option: Fitness Republic Neoprene Dumbell PairsStackable setComfort-grip NeopreneCast Iron interior

Massage chair:
You may not need much encouragement to invest in a massage chair. Arguably the most enjoyable device on this list, there are benefits to regular massage therapy. Post workout massage can help speed recovery time, and increase range of motion. (healthfitnessmag.com)
Human Touch Whole Body® massage chairs:From $999.99: http://www.humantouch.com/wholebody.html
Enjoy the reclining massage of a Human Touch Whole Body® massage chair, while relaxing, watching tv, or spending time with family. The Human Touch chairs blend in with luxury furniture, while providing advanced features of a therapeutic massage. For  selecting the best massage chair visit the massage adviser

Inversion Table:

Inversion tables have been shown to provide benefits to many users. This table elongates the spine, while taking pressure off of the lower back. This can help relieve lower back pain, and improve circulation. See a further list of benefits at: http://sunflower-press.com/benefits-inversion-table-therapy/
Check out:IronMan Gravity 4000Extra-wide steel frame3 Adjustable anglesMemory Foam vinyl$199 walmart.com
Inversion tables are not recommended for those with high blood pressure, or heart disease due to the increased blood pressure when inverted. Though some effects are temporary, evidence shows that with increased use in addition to other treatment plans can potentially lead to lasting benefits. (mayoclinic.org)
This is a summary of the 5 versatile, at-home workout devices. Include your own, and expand your at-home gym. Enjoy the customization, freedom, and added flexibility of working out in your space, and on your schedule.Add these 5 devices to your home-workout repertoire, and you are all set to look and feel your best without stepping foot outside.

Top Tips for Staying on the Bandwagon

Over my many years of attempting to eat well and then being dissuaded by too many carbs, sugars, and junk food, I have learned a few tips and tricks that work for me personally to stick to the good eating patterns.  Nowadays I refer to caveman template eating as the bomb diggity, therefore these tips are geared more so in that direction, though whatever your dietary style of choice these will likely still apply:

1. Start off right…. with MEAT

The number one mistake one can make is to eat something bad right off the bat.  Hello, my father has worked for Hershey’s for 15 years, I know how to eat chocolate for breakfast, and I tell you it doesn’t end well.  The entire day becomes a blood sugar roller coaster.  Don’t do it folks, just don’t do it.  Plan to have an awesome breakfast each and every morning that falls in line with your principles.  Whether it’s a fruit platter, an omelette, some nuts and seeds, or even jerk chicken (one of my favourite breakfasts for some sick reason).  Beef stew is another good one on winter mornings.  Starting the day with protein of the animal variety is your best bet.  Nix the carbs if you can, even the whole-grain cereals.  They still beat cap’n crunch no doubt, but I preach caveman eating whenever possible and even whole grain carbs are still awkward on the system.

2. Make yourself eat all your veggies (and fruits) FIRST

So you want to eat a big chunk of cake?  Save it for day’s end after you’ve ensured getting in your ten servings of fruits and veggies, and preferably after eating a hunk of meat.  You’ll feel far more balanced and thus less likely to over-indulge.  When you meet all your micronutrient requirements from the fruits and veg and go in with balanced blood sugar thanks to the meat, it’s a recipe for success, and the cake can be your prize.  Though you can also see #4 and make that cake paleo-friendly.

3. Plan

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Story of my Life.  Plan out your meals for the week and have everything you need on hand.  Or else you might end up in the Tim Horton’s line up at the hospital for lunch.  Again.

4. Make a paleo-friendly dessert

Once a week I try to make a grain-free, delicious dessert to have on hand where I just don’t care about the sugar content and ensure it comes from honey, agave, or fruits / dates.  Yes agave nectar is now the devil in some circles but it’s still better than any boxed atrocity in the baked goods aisle.

5. Have paleo-friendly snacks on hand

Trail mix, nuts and seeds, hand fruits, and even hand veggies (carrots, bell peppers, baby cukes) all make for great grab n go snacks.  I also like saurkraut, junk-free pickles, salsa and organic tortilla chips (no GMO corn!), and treats by Elana.

6. Fast….

You won’t hear me say this often but sometimes I need a good reset.  If I fast for up to a day on just water, my body stops wanting crappy carbs and I can sit down to a satisfying meal of veggies and meat and be just fine with that.

7. Have a cheat meal or day

If you subscribe to a 100% approach to anything, it no doubt at some point becomes near impossible.  It’s not often worth it to me to skip out on dessert at a friend’s birthday or the like, and so I give myself an allowance of how often I can have something that strays from my principles.  80/20 living, we like to call it.

Good Day and Good Luck!