Maple Butter

Maple butter is quite possibly my version of crack.  It is highly addictive and highly delicious.  My Great Aunt Irene makes the stuff each year for us at Christmas and I was also lucky enough to snag a jar from her more recent visit about a month ago.

As a super simple gift to others or truly for yourself, maple butter is easy to make.  The only issue is that it’s costly, because it’s only two ingredients – butter and real maple syrup – are themselves quite expesnive.  If you want to up the paleo ante, or the healthy ante in general, go for organic maple syrup and grass-fed butter, which will have a higher amount of CLA in it – this helps you burn body fat.

No matter which way you cut it this is still just sugar and fat so don’t go overboard.  I know it’s hard not to!  One of our fave ways to eat it on Christmas morning is spreading it over bread or a baguette and toasting it in the toaster oven for a minute or two, until the maple butter becomes ONE with the bread and exudes its awesomeness!

Make Maple Butter taken from here:

  • 1/2C softened butter
  • 1/4 C maple syrup

Mix with an electric mixer until blended.  My Aunt Irene’s version is done over the stove top, melting the butter and then adding the maple syrup.  Both will work!

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